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Why Choose Organic Cotton for Children

baby sleepingThese days you hear “organic” almost everywhere. It seems to infer that all else is bad if you don’t buy “organic”, which is not necessarily the case. There are gradient levels of importance, others being being more important such as food and beauty or bath products. But one that is less observed is bedding – you spend an average of 6-8 hours a day laying between your blankets and your face against your pillow, your children spend even more time than that!

Everything in your child’s room should be as safe as possible, including their bedding. Organic bedding can provide a healthier sleep for your child and here’s why:

1. Organic cottons do not use harmful toxins. This cotton is grown organically without the use of pesticides or herbicides and it is processed without bleach and dyes. Several studies reveal that toxic substances found in synthetic material can cause neurological, reproductive and developmental problems in children. It is especially important to use organic cotton on your pillow or pillow case as this is the closest material to your child’s respiratory system.

2. The natural ability of organic cotton to breathe and remove moisture allows bedding and pillows to remain dry and your child cool regardless of weather conditions. This helps eliminate sweating and gives your child a more comfortable, undisturbed and deeper sleep. Sleep researchers have proved that the brain activities intensifies during deep sleep, when REM (Rapid Eye Movement) happens. REM sleep is very important for children because their brain is still developing and they need as much sleep as possible.

91RNqqiiE4L._SL1500_3. Cotton is one of the only natural materials that can be hypoallergenic. The tighter the weave (higher thread count) the better it will be to ward off dust mites and mildew. Keeping your child’s allergies at bay will help give them a better, healthier sleep.

As a parent, it’s your responsibility to provide a safe, loving and healthy environment to the best of your ability for your child to grow in. Educating yourself on these choices is part of ensuring your child has the best whenever possible!

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