Tips for the Shopping Parent

As a parent I find there are so many options for so many different items for your kids! You need a sippy cup? What size? What color? Lock top? Leak proof? Easy Grip? Handles? Thin enough to fit in a highchair cup holder? What about your carseat cup holder? Or the stroller cup holder? One you can put in your purse, or diaper bag, or backpack? BPA free? Dishwasher safe? You get the idea…

Something so easy suddenly becomes a tough decision making process! And it’s mainly for marketing purposes. I get it. There are a couple tricks to help make that process a little easier…

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From Crib to Bed: Making the Transition Easier

kid in bedMost parents move their child from crib to bed between ages 18 months and three years old. However, there is no standard rule regarding the right time to put your child in a bed.

When to move from crib to bed?

Switching your child from crib to bed must be done properly. Many parents move their child to a bed when they have outgrown the crib. However, the arrival of another child is the most common reason for making the move. If you are having another child, then make the switch at least two months before your due date. This allows your child to get familiar and comfortable in his new bed. Another option is to switch your toddler from crib to bed when your new baby is at least three months old. Prior to this time, your new baby may sleep in a Moses basket or co-sleeper. This allows the older child to get used to seeing the baby, making the transition faster and easier for him into his own bed.

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