Tips for the Shopping Parent

As a parent I find there are so many options for so many different items for your kids! You need a sippy cup? What size? What color? Lock top? Leak proof? Easy Grip? Handles? Thin enough to fit in a highchair cup holder? What about your carseat cup holder? Or the stroller cup holder? One you can put in your purse, or diaper bag, or backpack? BPA free? Dishwasher safe? You get the idea…

Something so easy suddenly becomes a tough decision making process! And it’s mainly for marketing purposes. I get it. There are a couple tricks to help make that process a little easier…

Reviews and Recommendations

What works for one won’t always necessary work for the other. Parents are different, and goodness knows, so are kids! Luckily there are sites online you can order from that offer a wide variety of reviews from parents like you.  Satisfied and dissatisfied customers share their experience using the products through their reviews. Amazon is one of the leading on-line retail companies that has such an option.

But beware and do your due-diligence. Some sites pay companies guised as “customers” to leave pretend positive feedback in hopes to fool the every day consumer. We know. And we guarantee that Dreamtown Kids sites and products have NO SUCH fake reviews connected to them.

Another tip when buying on Amazon: Ensure you’re buying directly from the seller. There are other “sellers” that sometimes sell a “like new” or “slightly used” product. Many of these are scams and either just take your money and run or sell you a counterfeit. Read sellers feedback before opting for the “best price”.


Bloggers and Review Sites

Of course, there are groups, bloggers and sites that do their own reviews normally to compare a product based on their own set of standards. These can be quite helpful!

These types of comparisons are done weekly for all different types of items or services. For example, Dreamtown Kids toddler pillow just got featured in BestForTheKids – a blog that regularly publishes (hundreds of) detailed ‘buying guides’ on various toys and kids’ products. Dreamtown Kids toddler pillow is one of the pillows they recommend. Check it out here:

This saves some time and pain having to do all the homework from scratch! We hope this helps you find the best products for your babies and toddlers.

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