Sending them off to first day of school!

A lot of the fun that comes with bringing up a child is getting them prepared for all of those important milestones in their lives. There are going to be a lot of those days throughout their lifetime, but one of the first big events they’ll experience in their tiny little lives will be when they start getting prepared for their first day of school, how exciting! While exciting and bound to be a fun time of friend-making and learning, let’s make sure all of the administrative stuff to get your little one ready is addressed so things go as smoothly as possible. So here are some things to do in preparation for the start of school.

Tip #1: Fueling Up for Success

When you were getting ready for those Summer road trips with your little one, what was the first thing you would do before hitting the open road? That’s right, you’d fuel up! The same way, your child needs to be properly fueled for a big, excited, strenuous, and exhausting day. Make sure you start each day with a healthy and balanced breakfast that will give them the energy they need for a big day. And do the same for lunch, pack them something that will keep them powered-up and engaged through the hump! Some introductory schools at this level may provide meals like breakfast and lunch, but certainly don’t leave that up to chance, the success of your child’s first day (and every day thereafter) depends on it!

Tip #2: Learning Preparation

Going into a learning setting without any sort of warmup could prove extremely overwhelming to your child. In preparation for school, be sure to engage with your child in some of the intro-level learning that will take place. One key activity is reading. For your child to be familiar with reading, books, and stories will be one step amongst many that will make for a smooth transition into school. Based on the level of learning, some fun math activities could also prove helpful.

Being prepared with skills is important, but don’t stop there. Also be prepared with the tools for success. A proper backpack and supplies will ensure your child is ready for whatever task lies ahead of them. Be sure to also check any school resources you receive to see what they provide in the classroom as well as what they recommend to have ready come the start of the school year.

Tip #3: Tending to Emotional Needs

  • Tip #3.1: One thing that is going to be especially tough for your little one getting started is becoming accustomed to the idea of being away from home for hours each day. The key is to give them something that gives them that at-home comfort while they are away at school. In the event that nap-time is a part of the day, which is most likely will be for that first year at least, a great way to achieve this is by sending your youngster to school with a pillow for that time of the day. The simple addition of one small thing that feels like home will work wonders!
  • Tip #3.2: Talk with your child. Sure they’re young and may have a tough time grasping a lot of what is about to happen with school, but having a simple discussion will prove beneficial and make school feel familiar by the time they walk into the classroom. Also, make it a point to express the positives of school. Kids can often at a young age develop an inexplicable disdain towards school and to provide a positive framing for it will make their time more enjoyable from the get-go.
  • Tip #3.3: Tending to the emotional needs of your child doesn’t end at just speaking with you child. You’ll also want to speak with the person or people with whom your child is spending hours each day – his or her teachers. As you drop off and pick up your child each day, make an effort to engage in some level of communication to get an understanding of the teaching style, how your child is progressing, and being able to further reinforce consistent teaching outside of the classroom setting.


In conclusion, your child is getting ready for a very big milestone in their life, the first of many as a matter of fact! Being sufficiently prepared for this day will be key in ensuring the success of this next big step! These tips will prove helpful moving forward. To learn more about become prepared, as well as gaining the tools for success, contact Dreamtown Kids today!

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