The Pros and Cons of Co-Sleeping

When you bring a newborn into the world, you’ll have a lot of questions regarding best practices for all things from nutrition to hygiene and more. One area of infant care where you will definitely need some guidance is with sleeping arrangements and the consideration of co-sleeping. Today, we’re going to talk over some of the pros and cons of co-sleeping to help you understand if this would be an ideal practice for you. Let’s get started!

Pro #1: More Sleep for Your Little One
Your baby is going through a lot in his or her life at this point, and will need all the sleep they could get. Co-sleeping could be a great way to achieve exactly this! By being in close proximity to Mom and Dad, optimal comfort will be easy to achieve and sleep can come more easily. Furthermore if baby should need anything in the night, you can be there in a pinch to tend to those needs, bringing us to our next pro.

Pro #2: More Sleep for Mom and Dad
As a parent, you have the toughest job in the world. That means you’re going to need your rest, so you can keep doing the best job possible. Co-sleeping will help in this. By having baby nearby, you’ll shorten your travel time every time you need to nurse him or her back to sleep, change a diaper, or otherwise. Also, can literally rest easy having you little one close by where you know they are okay.

Pro #3: Closeness among Parents and Little One
To co-sleep means to be closer in proximity, and to be closer in proximity naturally has the effect of becoming closer in bond. You will have more opportunities to be around one another, become more familiar, and become more comfortable in doing this, so don’t be surprised if your parent to child bonds are strengthened as a product of co-sleeping!

While these are just a few of the pros of co-sleeping, there are still some potential cons to keep in mind when considering this practice within your own parenting.

Con #1: SIDs, Sudden Infant Deaths from Bed-Sharing
The first con is less of a con for co-sleeping and more of a con for a practice that is often confused for it, bed-sharing. While co-sleeping, or the act of sleeping within close proximity of your baby, is a good idea with lots of benefits, bed-sharing can be very risky. Whether it be due to an accidental parent roll-over, hair or threads getting wrapped around fingers or toes, or other potential things, there definitely notable consideration that come with the notion of this perceived form of co-sleeping.

Con #2: Intrusive to Mother and Father Relationship
While co-sleeping can oftentimes strengthen the relationships parent to parent and parent to child, there are times where a negative effect may be observed. Sometimes the act of having the little one in the room every night could make for less opportunities for parents to be intimate with one another. It’s advised that, while co-sleeping, to maintain good communication about relationship needs and make sure that everyone remains comfortable and happy with the arrangement.

Con #3: Parental Dependency
There is a chance that in applying co-sleeping practices, you baby may become a co-sleep-dependent toddler, becoming fussy at the notion of sleeping on one’s own. To prevent the occurrence of this, conduct thorough research into the best age to switch from co-sleeping to separate sleeping and monitor your situation well to see what you and your child may need in this circumstance.

In conclusion, there is a lot to learn in being a parent, and sleeping arrangements are certainly no exception to the seemingly-endless questions. To learn even more about topics surrounding co-sleeping, contact Dreamtown Kids for the best in child nurturing insights!