Holiday gifts for Kids and Toddlers

The holiday season is upon us! What this can translate to is that the season of gift-giving is upon us. Your little one or little ones are at an age now that they can start really grasping traditions and being a part of the gifting festivities! That being the case, you’ll have to consider what presents you may get your kiddos this year to in that nature of celebration.

While there are lots of toys and presents that may not be safe or beneficial to children of very young ages, there are many more that will be perfectly suitable for a toddler. Today, we’d like to go over some gift ideas that will be safe, fun, and constructive for you toddlers!

Building Blocks

Our little ones are little engineers in the making. Whether they are using their food at the dinner table to craft a tiny castle or building a fort out of the couch cushions, part of play for them is undoubtedly a sense of building something. For that reason, our first item on the list could make a great gift this year; building blocks! Wooden building blocks or interlocking blocks like larger LEGO are great play toys for your kids that they will love and be excited to put to good use. Furthermore, they’re great for developing finer motor skills in children, so win win!

Musical Toys

One thing about your kids is that the younger they are, the more absorption they are capable of and the more creativity they exercise. For that reason, some great gift ideas are ones that can really harness that level of creativity and early development, especially musical toys! Instruments or noise makers are loads of fun for kids, plus they introduce them to concepts that could benefit them their entire lives, and has also been linked to improving math and language skills. So look to musical toys for your toddler this holiday season as you go about your gift shopping!


Keeping up with the trend of presenting our kiddos with gifts that be both fun and constructive, our next one is undoubtedly a great idea for the holiday season; books! If you’re looking for a great present to really spark your toddlers’ imagination and boost their reading ability, this is perfect. Whether your little one is brand new to reading and will be going over the most basic classic kids learning books, or if they are more developed as readers, there is never a shortage of great reading options to excite youngsters into avid readership from their intrigued young minds.

Plush Stuffed Toys

We can’t forget about the classics here. We’re talking about stuffed animals or stuffed toys. We all had that stuffed animal that we clung to Calvin clung to Hobbes, and young children benefit from having toys like these. These cherished childhood toys have a large emotional impact on a child as well as they provide a lovable, comfortable, and familiar item to enjoy as they learn to self-soothe in their young years. You just can’t go wrong with stuffed toys!


In conclusion, as the gift giving holiday season comes into view, and we start looking for things to get our little ones, there is a lot to consider. Will my child enjoy this? How will this help them grow? Is it safe for them at this age? With these questions in mind, consider the aforementioned options, as they’ll be great for your toddlers! For all things kids, turn to the experts at Dreamtown Kids!

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