Halloween safety and fun!

It is that festive time of year again: Halloween! Having a family is largely about establishing fun traditions to share with one another, to embrace together. Halloween will certainly hold some of the most fun memories for years to come.

So how are you going to spend the holiday? Still not sure yet? Well you’re in luck, because today Dreamtown Kids is going to give you the low down on some fun Halloween activities, as well as some tips to partake in the fun safely! Let’s go!

Halloween Fun

But first a PSA: Kids are meant to be dressed up during Halloween, so take every measure possible to ensure optimal cuteness, adorability, and preciousness and leave no kid un-costumed…
…Because that’s kind of the fun of it! Right?!

So as a parent now, you have become immersed in the parenting world and community. That being the case, make Halloween a social one for you and your toddler. Get together with some other parent friends, and treat it as a play date for your little ones, full of holiday fun!

If either you or your friends have children at the trick-or-treating age, great! Take it to the streets, enjoy the fun, and take it as an opportunity to get out. By doing so, you give yourself a night out, and even more, you get to meet some other families with kids in your area, meaning a chance for your kiddos to socialize!

On the chance that everybody involved has toddlers too young to go trick-or-treating just yet, also great! Enjoy a night in with some fun activities (you don’t have to go out to have a blast)!

Saftey Note: Something to bear in mind, whether you head out or stay in, is this. Halloween has a strong tendency to encourage candy consumption. For toddlers 2-years old and under, avoid the hard candies as they can be a choking hazard. As a rule of thumb for your children, big or small, place restrictions on the amount of candy consumed, keep it in moderation.

Studies show that 9 months to 1 year in age is a good time to introduce kids to coloring. That being the case, start the coloring in a festive seasonal setting! Halloween coloring books, online print-offs, or just plain construction paper are great ways to get your kids having a good time.

If your toddlers are up for it, take it step beyond just coloring! Paper cut-outs, gluing, popsicle stick puppets, the list of crafting project possibilities goes on. Get your little ones having some fun making some Halloween crafts, plus, it’ll be a nice holiday keep-safe to hang on to in your kids’ memory boxes as they grow up!

Safety Note: Be sure to keep close supervision while coloring and crafting are taking place. Crayons and paste can often be confused for a gooey treat by a toddler, and colored pencils and scissors are obviously sharps. All this to say, make sure the fun stays safe!

Books are super fun, and it’s a great way to spend some time in on Halloween! There are tons of great kids’ Halloween books out there, here is a list of just a few that may be fun this year, so give them a whirl. If possible, look into books that could also allow your toddler to do some of the reading, so that they improve on that skill, and also books that incorporate math. These will all be very educational, and masked in the fun of the Halloween season… get it?.. Masked!

Sleep at a reasonable time

One final note is to be mindful of sleep. Halloween can be a lot of fun, but what’s not fun is throwing off your toddler’s sleep cycle… for them AND for you! As the night progresses, stay aware of the time, and don’t let it get carried away to where it could affect anyone’s sleep. To further improve sleep conditions, the best quality bedding is huge, especially a good toddler pillow for your little one. Have fun on Halloween, but don’t forfeit good sleep consistency.


In conclusion, Halloween is a great time of year to enjoy a night of fun with your little ones. From dressing up, to going out, to creative projects and more, there’s no shortage to the amount of fun you can have with your little ones on Halloween. Try some of these fun activities this year, and remember to have a safe and fun Halloween, from all of us at Dreamtown Kids!

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