How to transition your baby into a toddler bed

Transitions are a part of life. We’ll be transitioning into new stages way into our late years, and the same can be said for our first, initial stages of life as well.

Your baby, your little bundle of joy, is in a state of transition after transition. They will go from crawling to walking, change their diets, grow into new clothes (and all too quickly), and they will grow out of their first crib.

The quality of your baby’s sleep will greatly impact their time awake as well as their growth and development overall. So how do you go about ensuring your baby can most effectively transition from crib to toddler bed?

Start with all of the proper products to make it happen. A comfortable bed is key, but don’t neglect head support. A quality toddler pillow will aid in the best quality sleep possible, proper head support, size fit, and will prove very helpful in avoiding any fussy responses to a new sleep environment. To find the right toddler pillow for your growing little one, look to Dreamtown Kids.

Additionally, you’ll want to ensure the proper sleep conditions. One change that may have taken place with the transition to a toddler bed is the increase in independence. You may have halted use of baby monitors, maybe moved your kiddo into a different room, and the whole thing might come as a shock or surprise. Consider sleeping apps, blackout blinds, or other items that will help provide a great nights sleep!

One of the last considerations you’ll want to make after grabbing the proper bedding items and setting the right sleeping stage, is constantly looking for ways to ensure your toddler is getting the good sleep he or she needs. Whether it be calming down your kiddo before bed, learning about good pre-bedtime practices, or any other bedtime insights, Dreamtown Kids offers great information in all of these fields to help your growing little one sleep tight and sleep right!

First Sleepover at Grandma’s

We know how our toddlers click, from how they like to play to their fussy habits and more. But somehow…Grandma still knows best!

Grandmothers have always known how to treat, spoil, comfort, and embrace our little one’s like nobody else! If there is any one thing that we know we remember most from our very young years is snuggling up next to Grandma during a visit, throwing on a classic movie or show, and having a good ole fashioned sleepover!

We understand that with current travel restrictions and social distancing protocols, it can be hard to run in with the grandparents. But once the opportunity arises, we strongly recommend a sleepover for your little ones with Grandma, ASAP!

Bring some comfy clothes for your kiddos, along with their Dreamtown Kids pillow for optimal comfort as they hang out with Grandma all night… or until they fall asleep from all the fun they’ve had!

Good memories can go hand in hand with good sleep for your toddlers, make those memories with family and Dreamtown Kids!