Kid Activities to Substitute for Screen Time

Screen time.
It has become all too much a part of our day-to-day lives. The dawning of streaming serves couples with our inherent desire to take the path of least resistance has made us far too prone to take this easy-way-out to entertainment and engagement.
As we look to our kiddos, the next generation, it’s becoming ever more important to ensure that the amount of screen time they are intake be moderated for sake of their well being. So, what are some good substitutes to that screen time? Let’s talk about it!

Mentally Stimulating Activity : Reading

Screen time can often times be… well… less than mentally stimulating. So why not start off with an option that can prove to stretch the mental mind? Reading can fit the bill for exactly this! A lot of the time, the screen time that our little ones are consuming are shows, movies, or other stories. By substituting these forms of screen time with reading, your little ones are essentially still getting what they crave for, but through a new, more productive medium than that of the TV or iPad.

Creatively Stimulating Activity : Arts & Crafts

At times, the reason for screen time could be attributed to a desire to play with a tangible devise. When those times come around, smartphones and tablets are no doubt fun tinker toys. Heck, even us as adults tend to play around with them in our free time, how much more fun must they be for children! In order to satisfy the need to tinker, why not keep their hands busy and constructive by building something, creating something, and diving into arts and craft products? They’ll love it!

Strategically Stimulating Activity : Board Games

Aside from watching shows like we discussed earlier, another popular use of screen time for our kids is by playing games like Angry Birds and the like. To address this is a quick and easy swap! Board games! By getting kids interested in board games as a replacement for unruly amounts of screen time, you give them a fun activity that they can enjoy with friends and family gathered around, not just isolated to the four corners of a screen. There is no denying it, kids LOVE board games!

Physically Stimulating Activity : Physical Play Time

Go to a park and hit the jungle gym! Do some tee-ball practice! Kick a soccer ball around! Heck, even just run! All of these are wonderful options for your kid to pull them away from the alluring glow of the screens in their lives.

Furthermore, Dreamtown Kids being a company based on providing the best in toddler pillows and bedding, we also see the benefit here as two pronged. It encourages physical activity, which will aid in falling asleep, and deters from one of the biggest things hindering our sleep, the light from screens. All of these factors considered, you can’t go wrong with physical activity for your kids!


In conclusion, screen time can be a tough thing to combat, with its appeal, ease, and accessibility today. While it can be fun in moderation, it is important to moderate the amount of time spent on devices and encourage more time doing activities in the real world! We hope these prove helpful to you in coming up with good substitutes for screen time.

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