Did you know? Most of our organic cotton products are made from cotton grown in Texas!

When it comes to the materials used our kids’ clothing, bedding, and more, parents want something that is trustworthy. You want to ensure the safety, comfort, durability are of the utmost priority, and are all top tier and not bottom of the barrel. That being said, Dreamtown Kids is thorough in selecting the right producers of the materials used in the products YOU rely on, especially the cotton used in our organic cotton products!

So, where do we look to for this reliability? Texas!
And what is is about Texan production methods that make them superior? Let’s talk about that!

Fewer Chemicals

The production of certain materials can remain somewhat of a mystery to consumers. Transparency can sometimes be lacking. This can unfortunately leave many under the impression that the items they own or sell were produced in a wholesome fashion, when in fact they were not. A common practice with some materials could be the amount of potentially harmful chemicals being used. Texan cotton producers have achieved methods of production that circumvent the need to rely on harsh chemicals in their end product, bringing you the peace of mind that those goods your buying for your little one will be safe for them!

More Economical

It’s not that parenting CAN be hard… it’s that parenting IS hard! And one way in particular that it can be challenging in particular is with regards to how you will fund all the things that your babies and toddlers will need as they grow and mature through even their formative lifespan. Because of the level of production for materials in Texan companies, organic cotton can be bought by companies like Dreamtown Kids more affordably, and be able to turn around and provide you a great product for an affordable price all the same! Because we know it’s hard, and we want to find any way to make it easier!

Higher Quality

If you’re going to buy something for your baby or toddler, you want to ensure it’s quality. Why would you settle for any less for your bundle of joy? Texas has been a leader in cotton production for sometime now, with over 100 years of industry excellence tracing back to 1880. Over that span of time, the same aforementioned operations that are providing a cleaner, less chemical-filled product for you are also providing a more quality product overall! So you can rest assured that the bedding, clothes, and other organic cotton items that you’re purchasing for your little ones will be the best!


In conclusion, you want the best for your kiddos. We want to give you the best! That’s why we rely on the best for sourcing of our organic cotton! To learn about high quality, synthetic products and materials we use, read our blog on cotton and polyester and to check out our organic cotton products and try them out for yourself, head to DreamtownKids.com today!

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