Benefits of Reading Stories Before Bedtime

We’ll just go ahead and say it. There is no doubting, denying, or arguing that bedtime stories are good for helping your child get to sleep and achieve more quality sleep and, subsequently, their overall health. Study upon study has shown that this one act can work wonders by leaps and bounds for all youngsters all across the formative age spectrum. So, we know this to be true, but why is this the case? What makes this so beneficial for kids? Let’s jump in!

Wind Down Time

Toddlers can be little balls of energy that move, move, move with no sign of stopping. Because of that, it can sometimes be tough to get them to settle down for sleep at the end of the night. The reason this happens is due to the fact that there can sometimes be no transition between wakefulness and bedtime. To have something in the equation to transition, a sort of wind down time, will be beneficial in easing your toddler into a sleepy state effectively. Reading bedtime stories will serve this purpose wonderfully as it will bridge that gap between the energy of the day and the calmness of the night. Make bedtime stories a part of each night with your toddler to improve their sleep!

Distracts the Mind

As adults that have not been toddlers for sometimes, we may often forget that being a toddler certainly had its fair share of stresses. Each day is still very new in this young state, you are constantly being bombarded by unfamiliar things, and the learning is non-stop! That being the case, our little ones’ mind could be moving at a million miles a minute, and that makes it hard to fall asleep at the end of each busy day. Reading bedtime stories to your kiddo will help distract the mind to more effectively clear their head and get in a mental state that is conducive for sleep.

Sense of Comfort

While there are pretty apparent benefits to reading bedtime stories to our toddlers, such as the aforementioned, there are also some not-so-apparent ways that bedtime stories prove helpful in getting our little ones to sleep. One factor that is a fringe benefit of you reading stories to your kids is that YOU are there. You are their most powerful source of comfort, and by you being there with them, even if for a short while, before they go to bed, they will have that much greater of a likelihood of being able to fall asleep peacefully and easily.

Teach a Toddler to Fish

Okay, we’re not necessarily suggesting that you teach your kid to fish, at least not in this blog in particular. But what we are saying is that by reading your toddler bedtime stories, you are setting them up for successfully adopting a good nighttime routine for them to carry through the rest of their lives. The younger, formative years of our youngsters pose a good opportunity to set good habits, one of which could be a great practice like reading before bed to encourage quality sleep.

Bonus: Better Than Screen Time

Screen time is quite possibly the worst thing for anybody of any age to do before going to bed. Many kids see screen time as a sort of reward and then they end up wanting and getting an unhealthy amount of it. Similar to if you gave a kid a chocolate bar every time they did something good… it wouldn’t fair well over time. Apply that reward mentality to reading, whether it be for bed time or just in general, and it will do your toddler much better service!


In conclusion, bedtime stories are undoubtedly a great thing to implement into your relationship with your little one’s in establishing good habits, emotional connections, and more! Adopt this simple addition into your routine with your toddlers and watch them get to bed quicker, have more quality sleep, and experience fringe benefits of this small addition all at once! To learn more about bedtime practices and products for quality toddler sleep, look to the pros at Dreamtown Kids!

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